PERLER iPegboard & Tweezer/Stylus

The Perler iPegboard is an accessory for the iPad that allows users to interact with the Perler app and create designs by following the patterns on the screen. The iPegboard tray fits over the iPad. After the beads are placed, the user can lift the pegboard from the tray to iron the design.

It’s a fact: kids love iPads. Why not use them to help kids create and develop their tactile skills? The Perler app and ipad tray allow kids to create hundreds of designs using their favorite crafting beads. 
First, the user chooses a design template in the app. Then, they simply apply their beads to the clear tray over the digital pattern to create the design from their beads. When it is time to fuse the beads, the tray easily lifts off so that the finished product can be ironed, permanently fusing it together.
Check out the iPegboard in action here!
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